Thursday, September 20, 2012

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet!

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012
This week is Pet finder's "Adopt a Less Adoptable" pet week and we are celebrating it for a number of reasons, reason number 1 being it's the right thing to do! There are so many loving cats and dogs and other animals in the shelters that are in need of a loving home but people don't want to adopt them because of their special conditions. This is horrible just to think about-- let alone say--but it is true.

Shelters and rescue groups have a harder time finding homes for:
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I don't understand why people are this way! Just because we're different does NOT mean we don't deserve the love that other animals are getting. No matter WHAT condition an animal is in(blind, deaf, old, all black, FIV+, different, etc) does NOT mean they don't deserve love. You can provide love, right now. Because love is the strongest thing EVER. And these animals need it more than anything else. They have love in their hearts and are reaching their paws out to humans and asking for one simple thing: a loving home. So please, please, adopt a less adoptable pet--it will be the best decision you have ever made.

Take Traveler for instance. He was born with special needs as a kitten, because he had some behavioural problems, but we still love him! He is the sweetest and playfulest cat our humans could ask for, and they are so happy be his humans and we are so happy to have him as our fellow friend!

Traveler as a kitten
We just have one last thing to say before we go, and that is this:We believe that one day, there will be no such thing as a "less adoptable" pet. One day all pets will be equally loved and not have any problem being adopted out to loving homes. One day, we can make that happen. And it all starts with people who are willing to adopt a 'less adoptable pet', so it can be an adopted pet.

Go to your local animal shelter and do what you can to help out pets with special needs. You can also donate to the Pet Finder Foundation or other rescue groups in your area who are doing what they can to save  less adoptable pets.


  1. I think we need to bust that myth! athe are no less adoptable pets, just less wise and less adoptable humans!

  2. There's no such thing as an unloveable pet. Trust me when I say I know. I foster kittens and cats. Dogs too. I own two rescue dogs (one is 150 pounds) and two I rescued when he was a baby and headed to the glue factory....

  3. All pets will adapt to living with you - it just takes time and sometimes a lot of patience. They can end up being more loyal and loving than the ones who settle in more easily.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Traveler is utterly adorable!! Awwwww!!

    Me and Charlie also hope for a time when there will be no such thing as a "less adoptable pet"!!! All pets are perfect! Take care

  5. We humans need to learn to be more accepting of faults for sure.


  6. What a darling Traveler was as a kit..and as a grown kitty too!

  7. People underestimate what love can do.

    A good post!


  8. Very true! We have short tails (Au and Guido) and kinky tails (Target) which is very Malaysian but most people want cats with long straight tails!

  9. I had no idea until recently that *I* Spitty-the-Kitty would be classified as "less adoptable" because I am a black kitty--the very best looking kitties of all, am I right??? Also I had, shall we say, "behavioral issues" ha ha meow!!

  10. We think Traveler was way too cute to have any problems! Excellent post!

  11. We also believe that the mindset of less adoptable will to be changed with no excuses for unadoptability. It just takes time and education that works with patience

  12. Hear hear! We've added to our family via the city shelter (well, except for me) and none were kittens but older. Caroline and Olivia were "strays," Russell had been adopted out but returned after a month (he "didn't get along with kids") and Pee was surrendered because she "didn't get along with the dog" (i.e., she reacted badly after having been cornered in the litter box by never peeing in the box again--and she still doesn't!). All these kids were overlooked time and again. Until my mom found them, of course! We also have to correct the mindset of people who think we're disposable. That we *really* don't understand.

    (Oh, and speaking of Olivia, we'd like very much if you want to include her on your new page. :-) )

  13. Good post! We have lots of cats at our shelter, and we don't consider any of them as being "less adoptable." They are all special and adoptable. :)

  14. The mom has adopted less adoptable cats and we do just fine. Troo has a disability in walking, Stashy is way too shy, Mooch is friendly but only if she knows you, Toot has blindness, Molly use to have pee issues and Shadow is our only "normal" one. Whew! We all love to be loved and thats what happens here.


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