Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lost Posties

Furiends, our bloggie did some weird things and some of our favourite posties have been deleted! But never fear, we restored them and here they are! Sorry if some of the meowing is not as it was originally, but the posties are still fun to read!So grab some catnip cocoa and enjoy the ride down memory lane....

 We are so grateful and honored to say that we have been awarded by our new friends at Twinkletoe Tails some fantastic awards! This is the first time we have ever won an award and we are so happy to know it came from such special kitties! Thank you for making our day and putting a big smile on our faces!
This means so much to us and words can't express our joy. Thank you. HUGS and kisses!

Here are 7 things that you didn't know about us:

1: Traveler got his name from his adventure filled spirit as a kitten: he loved to 'travel' and we would always find him walking around the cat room--he even tried to take on the stairs once!
2: Traveler uses Mom's legs as a scratching post sometimes (he also tries to climb them!)
3: Ash loves to hid under mountains of blankets--it's her new favourite hidey spot!
4:Sherlock loves catnip--but only the fresh live plant version (he doesn't go for the dried stuff)
5: Ash is picky when it comes to wet cat food and only eats select flavours (chicken only, please!)
6:Sherlock purrs more than he meows
7:Ash is our 24 hour bug patrol!
We link back to Nerissa the Cat who created this lovely award!

Miss Kitty's special Postie
Our dear furiend, Miss Kitty from Arizona, received some special birthday cards in the mail from us not too long ago.

The birthday cards

Are these cards for me?

Investigating the envelope.
                       Mr. T For Tabby Tuesday 

Miss Kitty's brofur, sweet Mr. T, is making a special appearance here at Feline Purr-specitve. We are happy to have him and enjoyed his visit with us! 

Mr. T

He is such a sweet kitty! Look at his big green eys
and strawberry nose!

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  1. Congrats on the very nice awards! Hey, bug patrol is a very impawtant job!

  2. Concats on your awards! We loved learning new things about you. Ash sounds as picky as Miss Oui Oui! Oui Oui loves sleeping under blankies and Mica Moo loves walking on her when she does. Ouch!

  3. ConCats on your awards. We think they are very well deserved >^,,^<

  4. congrats on your awards :) I love the 'strawberry nose'.

    Hi Mr. T

  5. ConCATulations on your awards!! We had wondered about Traveler's name...


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