Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Thanks

Mom had her first sewing lesson this week. She's had the machine for almost a year and it's started collecting dust! So she finally came to her senses and contacted a friend who gladly showed her the tips and tricks to using a sewing machine.  Considering this was her first time ever getting hands-on experience, she of course made something simple but yet cute.
They had some fabric laying around that caught her eye: black and white kitties with their tails together. How cute!

Up close of the blanket, sideveiw

See the little kitties?
And here is the blanket, which is tiny but yet cute and snugly.
The blankets were made for us of course, so mom couldn't resist....


Do you see the look on my face?

Okay, this is kinda warm. I think I like it.
 Ash enjoyed 'hiding' her little gray nose under the blanket....

Can they see me?

I'm feeling warm and snuggly here.

Traveler enjoyed the blanket too, but in the last picture he did something....
If I may say so myself, I'm finding this
to be the most comfortable blanket
But I have to do something funny to ruin mom's
flashy box spree.

                           And so did Sherlock....

Are my eyes crossed yet?

The blanket is covering my whole body so
I appear quite small in this shot.


  1. I so need to dig mine out too.. this might just motivate me..

    or maybe not.. :)

    Congrats on your first lesson, I'm sure you'll be sewing up more wonderful things soon!

  2. Those are very nice blankets! LOVE the pattern!

  3. I have a very very old Singer my mom found me at a garage sale for $1. I used to know how to use a sewing machine as a child, but I don't remember. I should really get her to reteach me soon.

    All 3 of you kittehs are such good blanket models! Very cute!

  4. The blanket your mom made for you looks very comfy and so do you too :)

  5. You kitties are the best for letting Mom drape that blankie over you. We would not have stood for that. That is a nice blanket and nice of the mom to make that for all of you first of all. Take care.

  6. How awesome, they look super cozy!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. Hey Sherlock, Hey Ash, Hey Target, Jet here.

    Whoo hoo, we're mighty impressed over at Casa Jet. My human sister had a sewing machine for a while and she made a few items for Koko and I. Mom enjoys knitting and needlepoint when she has time, however, she never got the hang of sewing...

    Your feline accessories are super cool and super comfy looking... keep going!

  8. That is so cool and now she can make you all kinds ofmgood things!

  9. How cute is that? And you kids make splendid models!

    We hope your mom has fun making more things. Our mom's been sewing since the stone age!

  10. Aw!! A cute blankie for cute kitties!!
    Your Mom did good :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  11. Very nice blanket! Your mom did a good job! And you all look adorable in it!

  12. They look great, and I love the fabric. I have learned a lot about sewing and know it's best to start with simple square shapes at first (ask me how I know, LOL) Nice job!

  13. Its a Tuxie Blankie! It looks so nice and warm! Our mom can't sew worth beans. And she isn't patient either, so she has buy our blankies. She did make a quilt lifetimes ago and used it until it fell apart. That's quality for you!

  14. What cute blankets. They look very warm.

  15. How nice that the first thing she made with her machine is a blanket for you guys!!

  16. That's a very cute little blankie. Mommy leaves the sewing to Grandma...knowing Mommy, she'll probably sew her fingers together. MOL.

  17. Love the pattern! How cute!

    Selina the Snuggly

  18. You guys are so patient! Loved the looks :) And well done to mom xx

  19. Is a furry nice blankie! You are lucky kitties to has a warm made especially fur you! The material is super cute.

    Me wants to thanks you fur the purrs fur mine little sisfur. You are furry kind to has made a post fur her.
    Your new furend, TK!

  20. OMC the fabric and the photos of the kitties wearing the blankie is just too adorable!


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