Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gifts (Award Time)

So so so. As you know, we were awarded by our friends at Twinkletoe Tails some really great awards. This was the very first time we had won anything before and as it goes, when you are a first-timer, you tend to get wrapped up in the excitment of winning something, and well.. you forget things! But never fear, we are on top of it (almost) now and so here we go. Forgive us if you already have this award, the mom was the one who choose who to give the awards to and we all know how moms can be. They aren't nearly as smart as they think they are (except for when mom adopted me--that was an A+, the smartest thing she ever did. of course we get some credit for that too, because we allowed her to adopt us.)

Because, of course, all cats are purr-fect and make no mistakes whatsoever (except stinky goodness on mom's new bedsheets--wait, that wasn't an accident.) Anyway, here we go.
It was very very very hard to choose who to give the awards to as you all deserve one, but since there was a limited number we had to choose carefully. Oh and yes, we heard to guideline was around 15 but we did 19

The winners are:
1: Selina
2: Smokey the Cat
3: Trout Talkin' Tabbies (Tabbies of Troute Town)
4:Lucy The Cat
5:Shaggy and Scout
6: Abby (Manx Mnews)
7: Father Tom
8: Mommy and Me, Kassey
9: Katz Tales
10: Celestial Kitties
11: Brian's Home
12: Callie at Troublin' Times
13: Fuzzy Tales
14: Friends FurEver
15: William of Mass Destruction
16: Baby Patches
17:Jan's Funny Farm
18: Pasha
19: Connie at Tails From Foster Kittens
We link back to Nerissa who made this great award.

If you are like us, and don't know how to copy&paste and save to desktop, no worries.
E-mail the mom (Kathleen) at catgirlkathleen AT gmail DOT com
Purrrs and kisses to all!


  1. Meeeow- mum is very happy thank you! Meeeowww...big purrs (does funky hop dance)

  2. Congrats on the nice awards, you totally deserve them! Thanks too for sharing with us!!!

  3. This iz WAY kewl and manee a purreciations sherlock ash N traveler. We R gonna get theeze pawsum awards on R page two morrow coz we iz on a cell phone at nite time. Heerz 734 cazes oh trout az R way oh sayin...ewe rock. :). Haza grate nite ...high paws N headbonks XO

  4. Congrats to all the winners!!
    You guys are great!

  5. Wow, congrats on all your well deserved awards!!

  6. Concats on getting these and thanks for passing them on to us! We're furry flattered.

  7. Hey Ash, Hey Sherlock, Hey Traveler, Jet here.

    So nice to make your acquaintance; especially on the day you received two lovely awards. We look forward to learning more about you. :)

  8. Congrats on these very well deserved awards and thanks so much for choosing us!

  9. How loved you must be to get all of those pawsome awards!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Concatulations sweet one. Those are a lot of awardies. I love who you chose too, to receive them from you. xoxoxox

  11. Great awards, pals! Concatulations! :)


  12. ConCats on the awards and thanks for passing them on to us!!

    The Florida Furkids

  13. Wow, you picked some good kitties to pass this along to! That is always the hardest part for us. Have you tried clicking and dragging an image to your desk top? Its super easy. Email us if you want the mom to try to explain it. Also, see our post

    to be able to clip and save anything from any screen.

  14. Congratulations on your award! And thank you for thinking of us and passing it on to us!!

  15. Conga-rats on getting your first awardie! I think 19 is an eggs-sellent number ;-) XOXOXO

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  16. Well done and congratulations on your awards!

  17. ConCats on your awards :) Well deserved xox

  18. Congratulations on your awards, they're terrific. And thanks so much for including us on your recipient list. We'll do our best to get our mom to post them next week on "Thankful Thursday," but you do have to make allowances for a middle-aged woman with failing brain cells. ;-)

  19. Huge CONCATULATIONS!! Lots of deserving kitties on there and we follow almost every one of them!

  20. Hi guys! Thank you so much for thinking of us for the award!!! You rock!

  21. Thank you! :) That was really sweet of you.

  22. Thank you for the award! I just love bling-bling!

  23. Thanks you for the awards!! Momma is furry late on getting me over to check them out. It been kind of crazy around here. Purrrrrrs


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