Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Hearts are Hurting

Our hearts are hurting when we heard of three special kitties who had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Brandi was one of the first friends we had made when we started blogging. She was a sweet and tender hearted cat and words cannot express our sadness when we heard she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
We send words of comfort to Carol, her guardian, as she goes through this sad time. Our eyes are leaking. Our hearts are hurting. Run free, sweet Brandi. We love you.

When we heard that Possum had crossed the Rainbow Bridge, our hearts were hurting and our eyes leaked.
We know the pain of losing a loved furry  one and we send all our love and comfort to Possum's family.
Run free sweet one. You are loved and missed.

Another kittie, sweet Hakuna has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our eyes are hurting from all this crying.
It is so hard to loose a loved furry friend and we send all our love and comfort to Hankuna's family. Run free, sweet one. You are all  deeply missed.

Comments are off as we bow our heads in remembrance.